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  • Gensets Powered by CumminsCummins Inc. (U.S.A.) has 2 joint ventures in China. The prime products cover the Cummins diesel engine, Cummins diesel Genset and dynamical drive Generating Set of B, C, L, N, K and M11 series licensed by Cummins Inc. in U.S.A. All of Cummins diesel genset and diesel engine are at world-class advanced level and with high speed and horsepower ...
  • Gensets Powered by PerkinsPerkins diesel generator meets all essential international and national standards.
    Perkins is one of the world's leading diesel engine and Diesel generating set manufacturers since 1932, nearly 400,000 Perkins diesel generator units for one year. Perkins diesel generator quickly occupies the world market for the full specification, good structure, reliable performance ...
  • Gensets Powered by Volvo PentaVolvo, the largest industrial enterprise in Sweden with more than 120 years history, is an engine and Diesel Generating Set manufacturer with the longest history in the world. Up to the present, the Diesel Generating Set has exceeded 1 million sets, which have been widely used in large and small automobiles, heavy-duty trucks, engineering machineries and ships ...
  • Gensets Powered by DeutzDeutz Diesel Generating Set has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality certificate and we strictly perform ISO9001 quality system standards thus to guarantee the superiority and reliability of Deutz Diesel Generating Set.
    DEUTZ was founded in 1864 in Cologne, Germany. Now it's the world's oldest engine manufacturer. DEUTZ, with annual sales of about Euro1,200 million, is one of the leading independent suppliers of diesel and ...
  • Gensets Powered by LovolThe engines of Lovol Engines brand being produced and sold by Lovol Engines are classical engines with European origin and modern leading technology, aiming at the demands of global engine field. Lovol engines are high-tech engine products with powerful dynamic force, environmental protection, fuel-saving and fine manufacture, which come down in one continuous line of European technology ...
  • Gensets Powered by IvecoIveco Diesel Genset has a good reputation and is highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.
    Since its inception in 1975, Iveco has been responsible for upholding the Fiat tradition in the field of the diesel engine and Diesel Genset. We produced over 15 million engines and Diesel Gensets, of which 4 million are still in service and with an annual production of over ...
  • 5-30KVA Diesel Generating SetProduct Model :Capacity (KVA) / Normal Power (KW) /Phase Number /Engine Model /Engine Brand
    RDGMS10PX :10 /8 /Three phase /3D1.4CG /PowerLink
    RDGMS10PX :12 /9.6 /Three phase /3D1.5CG /PowerLink
    RDGMS15PX :15 /12 /Three phase /4D2.3CG /PowerLink
  • Gensets Powered by IvecoProduct Model :Capacity (KVA) /Normal Power (KW) / Phase Number / Engine Model / Engine Brand
    RDWPS1000 :1000 /800 /Three phase /4008TAG2A / Perkins
    RDWPS725 :725 /580 / Three phase /4006-23TAG3A / Perkins
    RDWPS800 :800 / 640 /Three phase / 4006-23TAG3A / Perkins
  • 2000 Diesel Generating Set300GF4 : G8V190PZL-2 /1FC5404-6TA42
    500GF17-2 : G12V190ZLD1-2 / 1FC6456-6LA4
    700GF1-3 : G12V190ZLD1 /1FC6456-4LA4
    700GF1-K3 : G12V190ZLD1 / LV1634D2
  • 6000 Diesel Generating Set1350GF : H12V190ZL / DIGI1308/4
    1350GF-K : H12V190ZLD / 1FC6566-4TA42
    1350GFZ : H12V190PZLD / 1FC6566-4TA42
    1500GF: H12V190ZL / 1FC6566-4TA42
Other Products
  • Harvester Diesel EngineAt every farming season, we organize spring ploughing, autumn harvest special services, build up the quick response mechanism. More than 500 OE services stations, the service radius is below 75km, our service team can arrive at the user site in 24 hours...
  • Water Pump Diesel EngineGood cold start performance: Without the preheat device, the engine can start up at -15℃. With the electrical heating air intake device , the engine can start up at -25℃ smoothly. Equipped with the radiator and the independent fan drive, the engine can operate normally at the ambient ...
  • Compressed Natural Gas EngineAdvantages of Natural Gas Engine: Asdopting the electronic control multi-point injection and theoretic air and fuel ratio combustion strategy, the power performance and acceleration performance of NG engine are much higher than that of...
  • High Pressure Common Rail Diesel EngineThe water pump in the cooling system is gear-driven, which has a high efficiency and reliability, so engine overheat caused by failure of belt transmission is avoided. The dual-thermostat design further enhances the reliability of the cooling system.