Agricultural Engine Series, Power Generation Engine Series
Diesel Engine SCD170F(E)

Tractor Diesel Engine

Model QC380T QC385T QC490T QC495T QC498T 4102T 4105T
Type Vertical, in-line, water cooler, four-stroke, naturally aspirated
Cylinder No. 3 3 4 4 4 4 4
Bore*stroke(mm) 80*90 85*90 90*105 95*105 98*105 102*118 105*118
Cylinder liner type Dry Dry Wet Dry Dry Dry Dry
Chamber type Direct injection
Power/speed(KW/r/min) 14.7/2400 18/2350 29/2400 33/2400 35/2400 38/2400 44/2400
Max torque/speed (N.m /r/min) 74/1680 86/1760 155/1800 180/1800 194/1800 212/1680 240/1680
Net weight(kg) 180 180 280 300 300 430 430
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